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Ice cider

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The Normandy Ice Cider, a very original wine. This ice cider is the result of a blend of several varieties of tart apples. The apples are collected in winter, to obtain a concentration of sugars by the cold. Ice Cider is a sweet and very fragrant apple wine. Bottle 37.5 cl.

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Ice cider is a non-sparkling wine, obtained by the concentration of sugars contained in the apple by the cold, as well as a very slow fermentation of apple juice, which allows to release all the aromas of the fruit, even the more subtle. This non-sparkling wine is sweet and very fragrant. It is orange-brown, very fruity on the palate, with a degree of alcohol: 12 °

The Ice Cider is tasted rather cool, between 8 and 10 °, either as an aperitif, or with a foie gras (with which you will serve a cider confit), or with a dessert

As an aperitif
As an accompaniment to foie gras, desserts
At a temperature between 8 and 10 ° C
Inspired by icewine, ice cider presents its particularities if only because an apple and a grape are two very different fruits. When it comes to icewine, the grapes are harvested frozen on the vine. During the autumn, the grapes dehydrate so that they contain little juice at the time of the harvest, in winter, but this one is concentrated and very sweet. The grapes are then pressed frozen and the juice is fermented. The procedure is similar with apples to give Ice Cider.

By freezing, the water contained in the apple separates sugars which allows us to recover the juice with the highest concentration of sugar. The juice then ferments for one month in steel vats.

It takes about 50 apples or 5 kilograms to make a bottle of 375 ml ice cider. Although very sweet, no sugar is added; it is only the action of the cold, hence the name of ice cider.

Bottle: 37.5 cl

Ice cider, a French gourmet product, from Normandy, selected by Mon Epicerie Fine de Terroir


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Buy Normandy cider, made in France by small producers. Farm cider selected by my online delicatessen. All ciders are prepared on small farms.

Reviews (4)


mars 2, 2022
Delicieux vin moelleux
Original et délicieux! je l'ai servi avec un foie gras! succes assuré

nov. 26, 2019
Ce cidre de glace est comme un vin de pommes! C'est très bon!

avril 11, 2019
Le cidre de glace, c'est comme du vin de glace. C'est tres bon et original; merci

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