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Biscuits roses de Reims: online delicatessen
  • Biscuits roses de Reims: online delicatessen
  • Biscuits roses de Reims: online delicatessen
  • Biscuits roses de Reims: online delicatessen

Pink biscuits from Reims, box

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The famous pink biscuits of Reims. Prepared by Maison Fossier created in 1756.

The pink cookies in their original version!

Delicate mixture of eggs, sugar and flour, the dough flavored with vanilla (natural vanilla flavor) and lightly tinted with natural carmine coloring is baked twice. The cookie is sprinkled with icing sugar before baking.


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The famous pink biscuits from Reims. Prepared by the Fossier House created in 1756.

They pink cookies in original version!

They pink biscuits from Reims can be enjoyed soaked: with a champagne that it traditionally accompanies, in an aperitif wine, a sweet wine or even in an excellent red wine.

The pink biscuit from Reims it is also used in the preparation of desserts, such as a charlotte or a tiramisu.

They pink biscuits from Reims are a delicious colored biscuit pink pale, originally from the city of Reims in the Champagne region of France. They are made from flour, sugar and egg whites, mixed to form a dough that is then baked until light and crispy.

These cookies are often used as a side dish for champagne or wine, because their light and crunchy texture goes perfectly with the flavors of these drinks. They can also be used in dessert recipes, such as charlottes or trifles.

Ingredients of pink biscuits from Reims : Sweet, flour (gluten), egg, egg white, baking powder (ammonium acid carbonate), natural vanilla flavor, natural color E 120.

They pink biscuits from Reims, a local product selected by my local delicatessen

Created in 1691, the Pink Biscuit of Reims is one of the jewels of the City of Reims. Always associated with champagne in the past, it is a symbol of the festival. Today, it is also used in many recipes. In addition to its pink color, it is characterized by a crunchy and melting texture.It is the originality of this recipe, unchanged for more than 300 years, which gives the Pink Biscuit the particularity of not falling apart when it is soaked in a glass of red wine or in a flute of champagne.

Acclaimed as much by great chefs as by lovers of creative cuisine, the Pink Biscuit can be enjoyed both alone and accompanied, as an ingredient, or as a decoration for charlottes and other cakes.

They pink biscuits from Reims are a artisanal product, manufactured according to traditional methods to guarantee superior quality.

The real ones pink biscuits from Reims, a local product selected by My local delicatessen

Nutritional values per 100g

Energy (kJ) 1641
Energy (Kcal) 362
Fat content (g) 3,4
Of which saturated fatty acids (g) 1
Carbohydrates (g) 82
Of which sugars (g) 53
Protein (g) 8,4
Salt (g) 0,19
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nov. 11, 2022
Les vrais biscuits roses
Je m'en suis servi pour faire une charlotte! delicieux!

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