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My local delicatessen, is a delicatessen online specializing in French products. Gourmet French gourmet products, prepared in France by small producers.

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Old-fashioned mustard with Honey
moutarde recue rapidement, bien emballée! c'est tres bon!
févr. 13, 2019
Lavender syrup
un sirop de lavande original et tres bon!
févr. 13, 2019
Violet syrup
un délicieux sirop a la violette que j'utilise dans les kirs!
févr. 13, 2019

French gastronomic products of September

In September, it's time to take good resolutions! Discover our French gastronomic products for a balanced breakfast, which makes you want to start the day, with a good apricot jam to the small taste of holiday memories! Or a sandwich of Caramel salted butter, it's greedy and it makes you want to get up in the morning! ... You will find at My Fine Local Grocery, some suggestions for tasting ... With homemade biscuits to good taste of yesteryear ...

French gastronomic products of September

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