My local delicatessen, is a delicatessen online specializing in French products. Gourmet French gourmet products, prepared in France by small producers.

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Appetizer Apple chestnut
Review is pending moderation
sept. 12, 2019
Rose syrup
C'est bon comme un vrai sirop artisanal! je l'utilise pour faire des cocktails
sept. 12, 2019
Natural stain remover soap
le meilleur savon détachant naturel! tres efficace sur les taches de thé
sept. 12, 2019

Iron teapots

What better than a cast iron teapot, old-fashioned to serve a good hot tea?

Our teapot collection, inspired by Japan, comes from a centuries-old tradition.

A precious and intimate object, the teapot will delight tea lovers.

Cast iron teapots are particularly useful for the preparation of green teas, as they

keep the water at the right temperature all the time of tea brewing.

My Local Fine Grocery, beyond looking for local products, we also present a range

of decoration and accessories inspired by a country chic decoration.

Iron teapots

Iron teapots

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