Mon épicerie fine de terroir est une épicerie fine en ligne spécialisée dans les produits du terroir. Des produits d'épicerie fine, gourmands, préparés en France par de petits producteurs.

Your online delicatessen offers you a wide selection of regional products of the different terroirs of France.

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Room fragrance

Do you like the "Country chic" spirit?

So put a touch of scent to your interior! My Delicatessen

from Terroir to selected a collection of room fragrance diffusers

refine, the perfumes of Grasse. Discover the original scents developed

by the greatest perfumers of Grasse. Succumb to the orange blossom,

which will diffuse a light fragrance reminiscent of the encaustic of the houses of yesteryear...

Or the mixture of iris and vanilla, a bit like if you had just

picking a bouquet of irises in the garden.

Home fragrances

Room fragrance

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