Become an ambassador

If you have a website or a blog that talks about cooking, gastronomy, good products, dietetics or lifestyle in general, then the affiliate program may be for you. Read on...

Why become an affiliate?

We offer from 6 to 10% of the amount of orders depending on your publisher category, on each of the sales that you have generated through your website, your social networks or your emails.

To help you achieve its objectives, we provide you with new content to enrich your site and retain your visitors (buttons, banners, banners and product catalog, email kits).

We can also work together to create exclusive content, do not hesitate to submit your ideas to us.

There is no commitment over time, you start and stop whenever you want, depending on your results.

How to become an affiliate?

The affiliate program is managed by the régie goaffpro /. To become an ambassador , we invite you to fill out the registration form available here.

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