My local delicatessen, is a delicatessen online specializing in French products. Gourmet French gourmet products, prepared in France by small producers.

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Rum Babas
C'est super bon, tres moelleux, on sent bien le rhum et assez peu sucré
févr. 18, 2020
Poppy syrup batch of 6
J'achete pour mon restaurant, c'est délicieux et je ne le trouve qu'ici
févr. 18, 2020
duck rillettes
J'ai adoré! c'est tres bon et tres peu gras!
févr. 18, 2020

Fruits with alcohol

Fruits with alcohol, local products to the good taste of yesteryear, when each family

prepared their own jars of fruit in brandy to keep it longer. What a delight to bring

out fruit in the brandy at the end of a meal, a tradition in the countryside. Cherries,

plums, raspberries, apricots, or apples or pears, almost all fruits can be prepared

with alcohol. A true sweetness full of sweetness.

Fruits with alcohol

Fruits with alcohol

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