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My local delicatessen, is a delicatessen online specializing in French products. Gourmet French gourmet products, prepared in France by small producers.

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Rose Perfume Gift Box
reçu en 2 jours, bien emballé! et tout sent très bon la rose
avril 24, 2019
Little Gingerbread
très bon pain d'épices! en petit format, c'est pratique pour le gouter
avril 24, 2019
Poppy syrup batch of 3
un super sirop au coquelicot
avril 24, 2019

French gastronomic products for a lunch on the grass

French gastronomic products for a picnic. My Fine Terroir has selected many authentic local produce and so good for a lunch on the grass looking like a gourmet restaurant! Exit the chips and ham butter, today it is authentic products of the soil that we offer! Cider rosé, toast to the good taste of Normandy, terrine of goose and mini babas with rum. Not to mention some small madeleines with caramel and salted butter for the afternoon with an authentic apple juice from the farm!

French gastronomic products for a lunch on the grass

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