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Because we all have forgotten emotions in us... And all it takes is a recipe to find them, We travel through small farmers' markets all over France to offer you the best of the French Terroir. So you will find here both typical products of Normandy such as Calvados and typical products of Alsace such as homemade Sauerkraut. A craving for tapenade? No need to go to the market in Provence, we go there for you! With My Local Delicatessen, you are guaranteed to find typical products, prepared according to artisanal recipes

Quality products

The Taste of the Terroir

Small confidential productions

It is because we never forget the first taste emotions of childhood, the sweet sweet scent of rice pudding or the smell of garden vegetables in the pot over the fire that we sometimes feel the urge to cook as before...

Find with us the taste of a little piece of madeleine, relive with us those memories abandoned by Your Grocer

The passion for the flavors of Yesteryear

Passionate about the culinary riches of France, the know-how of small craftsmen, and respect for regional traditions, we are looking for its men who are passionate about their profession, and who have no other goal than to bring you the best of what they know how to do. We bring you with us on this Tour of France of the flavors of Yesteryear that we offer you.

Local products “A local product is a product characteristic of a country, a region or a city, either because it is only found there for climatic and agricultural reasons (the Périgord truffle, the Guérande salt) or traditional and cultural (the Alsace gingerbread, the salted butter caramel from Brittany). These products meet the criteria of authenticity and tradition. They are part of the gastronomic heritage of a country.”Definition“The quality of the land is communicated to the plants that are placed there; it forms what is called terroir taste.” AF Fourcroy

monepiceriefindeterroir.fr for whom?

Mon Epicerie Fine de Terroir, is an online delicatessen, where everyone who is looking for good local products can find themselves. Whether you are a cook or a lover of the great French gastronomic tradition, a lover of authentic local products, Mon Epicerie Fine de Terroir offers you a selection of authentic French local products.

How do I select the products of my Delicatessen?

I travel around France and its small farmers' markets to find authentic local products. I meet the producers, I visit the farms and I look at how all the products are made. I taste the products and discuss with the producers The products of my online delicatessen monepiceriefinedeterroir.fr are regional products of French terroirs from small artisanal productions

Valuing small French producers

It is while working in the hotel industry that Fabien Benetreau noticed the enthusiasm for local products. An idea that comes back when he decides to change his path, in 2015. "I used to buy many products myself at the markets, even if I had to visit several to find the best ones. Bringing them together on a single site for the general public made sense," he explains. As soon as said, as soon as done, the trader addresses the small producers of which he is already a customer and launches monepiceriefinedeterroir.fr .

A tour of France of local flavors

Always looking for new things, this gourmet with insatiable curiosity puts his passion at the service of the French terroir. Among the best sellers are a South-West foie gras with exemplary traceability, an atypical poppy syrup or the ancestral mead.