Mon épicerie fine de terroir est une épicerie fine en ligne spécialisée dans les produits du terroir. Des produits d'épicerie fine, gourmands, préparés en France par de petits producteurs.

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Your online delicatessen offers you a wide selection of regional products of the different terroirs of France.

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Because we love the local products, we also offer a collection

of scented soaps. All our soaps are made in France.

Some of the perfumes of Grasse, and enriched with organic karate butter and

organic olive oil AOC Haute Provence, with scents of ancient rose,

of lavender, or again from rice powder

Finally we propose a collection of cold soaps, developed according to

ancestral know-how with precious oils.

Cold soap is the most gentle and nourishing washing product for the skin.

Scented soaps - Made in France


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