Lussan ceramics

The ceramics of Lussan, "When Art invites itself to the chicken coop"...

From the Earth to the Object, ceramics made in France, pieces

unique handmade. Aesthetic objects that will go very well together

in a chic country atmosphere decoration, but also in a universe

more contemporary.

Discover the famous and timeless Lussan guinea fowl, or the lussan pullets

The founder of Lussan Ceramics, Heidi CAILLARD is an artist from

five years at the School of fine arts in Basel and the pottery school in Lausanne.

The 1st workshop was opened in 1968 in Blauzac. Subsequently, in 1974, Heidi set herself

definitely in an old farmhouse facing the beautiful village of LUSSAN. It is

today his son, Adrien CAILLARD, who has been developing the le travail workshop since 1995

as an artist, a craftsman has preserved the traditional methods of ceramics.

A production of rare diversity.

The ceramics of Lussan - Guinea Fowl - Chickens

Lussan ceramics

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